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Wem & Surrounds: Images

Prizewinners & Other Entries to the Wem Civic Society Photographic Competition 2012:
Images of Wem and Surrounds

First Prize

Pond with Fence in Northwood ~ Mark Lockett

Second Prize

Wem Cemetery ~ Steve Walmesley

Highly Commended

Silage Tyres ~ Mark Lockett

Highly Commended

Telephone Box, Lee Brockhurst ~ Ian Wilson

Selection of entries from the 'Wem & Surrounds' Competition.

Stage Door Theatre ~ Barbara Evans

Wem Tenor Bell ~ David Smith

Millennium Green Chapel ~ Oliver Richardson

The Old Vicarage ~ Jenny Leese

Rustic Arch ~ Eirene Craney

Wem Signal Box ~ Roger Ashton

Wem Mill ~ Howard Key

Cottages and Park House ~ Liz Mayer

Fishermen's Bridge at Three Gates Pit, April 2010 ~ Rev. David Smith

Stile, Nonely and Commonwood ~ Brian Gee

Thirtleford Bridge, February 2012 ~ Roger Ashton

Isherwoods from the railway bridge, 1999 ~ Clare Blencowe

St Peter's Church, Lee Brockhurst ~ Ian Wilson

Mill Dam Cottages ~ Steve Walmsley

Chapel, Wem Cemetery ~ Jenny Leese

Isherwoods interior, 1999 ~ Clare Blencowe

The new road between Millenium Gardens and the Stage Door, Wem ~ Barbara Evans

Aston Street ~ Oliver Richardson

Wem Mill ~ Steve Walmsley

Yorton Church ~ Ian Wilson

Fence along the River Roden ~ Brian Gee

Chapel in the Millenium Gardens, Wem ~ Barbara Evans

Ian Cliff's yard ~ David Smith

Maypole ~ Liz Mayer

Wem Town Hall looking along from Chapel Street on the evening of Tuesday September 20, 2011.

This was not the Third Fire of Wem! A spectacular sunset provided the perfect backdrop for this unnerving image.

Image - courtesy of Oliver Richardson

Wem High Street: Barclays Bank and The Castle (rhs) with the Town Hall further on.

Wem: Noble Street opening off the High Street

Wem Town Hall

Images - courtesy of Malcolm Adkins (2011).

Prizewinners & Other Entries to the Wem Civic Society Photographic Competition 2011:
Images of Wem and Surrounding Villages

First Prize

Wem Mill ~ Stuart Field

Second Prize

Wem Shutt ~ Oliver Richardson

Highly Commended

Maypole Court ~ David Smith

Highly Commended

Tilley Crossroads ~ John Leese

Highly Commended

Wem Mill ~ Peggy Rouse

St. Michaels's, Loppington, 4/6/2009
~ David Smith

Ss Peter & Paul, Wem,
South Gateway 15/2/2009
~ David Smith

Wem Cemetary, 14/2/2011 ~ John Leese

High Street, Wem, 3/7/2008
~ Clare Blencowe

Rivers meeting at the bridge, Tilley, 19/4/2010 ~ David Smith

Roden House, Wem, 24/2/2011
~ Rhiannon Szulc

Cottage, Horton, 24/2/2011 ~ Jenny Leese

White Lion Car Park, Wem, 24/2/2011
~ Clare Blencowe

Chapel Door, Wem, 23/2/2011
~ Oliver Richardson

New Street, Wem, December 2010
~ Clare Blencowe

The Raven, Tilley, August 2003
~ Penny Rouse

Aston Rd., Wem, 24/2/2011
~ John Leese

Wem Recreation Ground, 24/2/2011 ~ John Leese

Wem Methodist & United Reform
Church, 27/7/2008 ~ Clare Blencowe

The Grammar School, Wem, 24/2/2011
~ Rhiannon Szulc

Old Post Office, Wem, 14/2/2011
~ John Leese

Chapel Door, Wem, 23/2/2011
~ Oliver Richardson

Signal Box, Wem, 24/2/2011 ~ Jenny Leese

Wem Town Hall
The present town hall replaced the 1905 structure that was burnt down in November 1995. Only the Victorian red-brick front was retained. Following closure, The trustees of Wem Town Hall Community Trust have worked hard, since 2006 to bring the Wem Town Hall back into community use. It is now a multi-use centre for arts, learning, community and enterprise.
High Street, Wem, Shropshire, SY4 5DG [www.wemtownhall.co.uk]

Noble Street in Wem.
Only for the surefooted.

Noble Street in Wem
[December 2010]

The picture does not lie... the sky and light really were this eerie.
[7 December 2010]

Later the same morning.
[7 December 2010]

Soulton Road, Wem - the hoar frost survived all day. [7 December 2010]