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Aston Street

(Maypole End)

Aston Street at the turn of the 20thC. Click picture to see it in 2013

Below is a map of the Aston Street. By clicking on individual buildings, you will be able to see how the changes that have taken place in useage since the 19th century.Not all buildings are 'live'- if they are, a hand will appear when the cursor goes over it.

Aston Street begins at the Maypole and ends at the railway Station. Before 1830, there were a small number of houses and traders in the road.Burrows in 1850 lists the following:

  • William Barber- Maltster
  • George Eaton - Carriage Builder and Wheelwright
  • Richard Barlow - Tallow chandler
  • John Watkin - Wheelwright
    Where exactly these were situated is not clear as no numbers were included in the printed survey. When the railway arrived in about 1858, more shops and private houses were built along this stretch of road. One interesting point is that that when numbering was applied,it was started from the railway station, not from the Maypole. Thus the house next to the White Lion (No 1, High Street) is 73 Aston Street.