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Early 20th Century Photographs

Early 20th C view from Maypole End- click the picture to see the same view in 2013

View from the west end of the High Street showing the 'Black Lion' Inn and the Union Buildings (right) which stood between the High Street and the Church from 1831 to 1943.Click picture to see the scene today

The High Street from near the old Barclays Bank probably taken in the 1950s- this may be a photograph of an old post card. Note the old square fronted Morris Oxford in the street.

View looking east from outside the National Westminster Bank with Bradleys of Chester (Clothiers) on the right and the Town Hall on the left. Click to see the same scene in 2013

The High Street with the old town hall on the left (before the fire)

Photograph given to Wem Civic Society by Mrs Elizabeth Machin (nee Kynaston) It is believed to be a procession of either Suffragettes or Red Cross workers, possibly after the First World War.(See the old type of AA badge on the hotel) They are passing the Castle Hotel in the High Street.

Photo by M Audin Woods of the Red Cross in the old Station Yard circa 1918

Click here to see the building in 2012.

Several of the above photographs were developed by Dave Granger, photographer of Wem, from negatives found in the Wem Civic Society Archives.The origin of the negatives is not known, but the current WCS expresses its gratitude to whoever made them available. Should any copyright owner contact this site, we will either acknowldge them or remove them.