Heritage Wem Weekend 14th - 15th September 2019

Whitchurch Rd. Cemetery - Chapel & Graveyard. Friends of Whitchurch Road Cemetery were present to answer questions.
Supervised by Hazel Adkins and Glyn Brace.

History of the Methodist Church, Conacher Pipe Organ and the Millennium Chapel/Mortuary. A talk and tour led by Tom Edwards.
[Methodist Church, Aston Street]
Ghost Building: Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury & Wem Brewery, Dome Supermarket - illustrated talk given by Oliver & Shelagh Richardson.
[Wem Library, High Street].
Wem History - Drop-in & Reminiscence. Image/photos of Wem brought in for discussion and scanning with Dr George Nash.
[Wem Library, High Street].
Talk: How to record a Historic Standing Building by Dr George Nash.
[Church Hall, High Street]
Castle Hotel - History of the oldest pub in Wem with a report of the old timbers study - exhibits & images with Richard Lear & Dr George Nash
Guided Tour - Parish Church, Memorial, Church Hall, Castle Mound led by David Smith.
[St Peter & St Paul's Church, High Street]
Book and Information display of historic buildings, Wem & Beyond. Provided by Wem Library and Wem Civic Society.
[Wem Library, High Street]

Union Buildings

Industrial Wem and Wem Railway Station- a photographic display plus rolling Images of Wem provided by Clare Blencowe, David Smith and Bernard Sockett
[Church Hall, High Street]
Tour: Historical houses in the High Street with Ged & Margaret Seacombe, Sue Challis, Pete Thistlewaite and John Yates, led by Dr George Nash and Oliver Richardson.
Wem History - Drop-In session - Photos and other exhibits of Old Wem with Dr George Nash brought in for scanning. This was followed by a Reminiscence Session - shops and industrial Wem; including video memories of the Kynaston Ballroom with Dee Moyse, Sue Challis, Oliver & Shelagh Richardson.

British School, Wem
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