KALE (Brassica)
Kale (Borecole)


  • Curly-leaved
  • Plain-leaved
  • Cavolo nero (Black Cabbage)

Yellow 'variety' of rainbow chard.
(1) Chard (Swiss and Ruby Chard; some sold as rainbow).Some varieties are attractive enough to be planted in flower borders but cropping does not improve the appearance of the borders.
(2) Perpetual Spinach (Spinach Beet)
(1) Summer-picked varieties.

(2) Winter-picked varieties.

Soil:A reasonably rich soil is preferred and well-drained. Will cope with most soils. Add compost in autumn Fertile.
Add compost in autumn.
Sowing Time:
June-August (seedlings)
Mid March to Mid-May. Summer: Mid-March to May (smooth seeds);
Winter: August to September (rough seeds)
Skill required:
Growing Tips: Very hardy plant.
Can cope with some shade.
If exposed, make sure soil is firm around plant & stake large plants to prevent rocking. Remove yellowing leaves.
Water during dry spells.
Resistant to frost.
Prefers cooler weather.
Will cope with light shade.
Sow in rows, 1" deep, 4" apart 3" in raised bed), rows should be 14"-16" apart.
Thin to 10"-12" apart when about 4" high, use thinnings as salad leaves.
Keep soil reasonably moist.
Weed regularly.
Sow in rows, 1" deep, 3" apart, rows should be 12" apart.
Eventually thin to 6" apart, use thinnings as salad leaves.
Can be closer in raised beds, about 9" apart.
Do not allow soil to dry out.
Weed regularly.
Pests:Few though clubroot is occasionally reported. Winter-picked varieties will need protection of cloches during cold spells. Slugs tend to collect around the base of new shoots.
Harvesting:September - May.
Young leaves can be used in salad.
Remove outer leaves first without damaging buds at the inner base of leaf. As you move inwards these buds will develop into more leaves. If a large number of chard leaves are required, cut across entire plant without damaging buds at base of leaves - plant will regrow. If plant is protected harvesting can last through winter and the following spring. Work inwards from outer leaves, nip leaves off - do not pull. Take care not to over-harvest winter picked variety.
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