Types:Short, Medium & Long-Rooted; Earlies & Main (also divided into earlies & lates) Crop.
Skill needed:Moderate to hard.
Soil:Any but fertile, light, sandy soil preferable.
Sowing Time:
Mid-March to August.
Growing Tips:
  • Do not add manure/compost to the soil in the previous year.
  • Sow thickly in rows and thin as plants develop.
  • Water during dry weather but don't overwater - encourages leaf growth instead of root development. Try to avoid extremes of dry/wet conditions.
  • Stones or heavy rainfall can result in fanged carrots.
  • Weed regularly.
  • Short rooted do well in containers.
Pests & Problems:
  • Carrot Fly - eggs laid in Spring, hatch in Autumn. Damage to carrots (or too vigorous thinning) can attract carrot fly. Companion planting of marigolds or onions can be effective.
  • Green top - top exposed to light leads to development of chlorophyll, not harmful unlike potatoes but better to cut off before cooking - makes diners nervous! Make sure tops are earthed up.
  • Split roots - due to excessive water - edible but won't store.
Harvesting: June - December.
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