Types:Globe, Cylindical & Long.
Red, Yellow & White.
Skill needed:Low
Soil:Any that is neutral or mildly alkaline.
Sowing Time:
March - July. If your preferred variety has tendancy to bolt (go to seed), don't plant until late-April.
Growing Tips:
  • Soil needs to be warm before sowing. If planting early use a cloche to warm the soil before sowing seeds.
  • Pre-soak seed for about 12 hours to encourage germination.
  • Plant directly into soil.
  • Traditionally seeds planted in rows (2"-3"deep and 3"-4" apart) and thinned as plants develop.
    Some gardeners now grow in clusters.
  • Water during dry weather. Try to avoid extremes of wet and dry which can cause roots to split
  • Weed regularly.
Harvesting:July - November. Take care not to damage skins, particularly with red varieties, or the roots will 'bleed'.
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