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Come Shopping in WEM:
A guide to each type of shop and where to find them.

This guide was available in a printed version, and is available from Wem Town Hall and Wem shops.
Maintenance of this online version has now been taken over by Wem Civic Society
Please contact
wemcivsoc@yahoo.co.uk if you wish to have your business listed in this on-line guide.

Access to information in this on-line version is by clicking on the following:

  1. List of shops arranged by type;
  2. Map of shops in Wem;
  3. Information about Markets in Wem.

Please read the information below to help you use this guide.

  • This guide shows you the range of products and services offered by the shops in Wem. each shop is listed with its opening times, telephone number [include the Wem code 01939] and the goods and services it provides.

  • In Wem we are lucky to have a very high proportion of independent shops that provide a wide choice of goods, and which help give the town its character.

  • Using local shops helps to maintain a healthy high street. Having a variety of retailers and services is also particularly important for those unable to travel.

  • Using local shops keeps money in the local economy, provides jobs, and helps to foster a vibrant community.

  • Shopping locally is more sustainable as it helps to reduce our fuel use. When the products that we buy are also produced locally, this further reduces the amount of energy consumed, and leads to a stronger and more resilient community.

Aerial photo of Wem High Street was supplied by Dave Granger.

To encourage local producers, the following key indicates when shops also stock 'Local', 'UK' or 'Fairtrade' producst:

'Wem 10'- goods produced within 10 miles of Wem

'Wem 50'- goods produced over 10 miles but within 50 miles of Wem

'UK' - goods produced over 50 miles from Wem, but within the United Kingdom

'Fairtrade' - goods that bear the official 'Fairtrade' symbol, which are produced in the developing world, using fair and sustainable principles.

  • We still have lots of small independent shops in Wem - one of the highest percentages in Britain.
  • We're friendly and helpful, and have a wide range of services and facilities.
  • We're very proud of Wem, and have a lot to offer anyone who shops or visits here.
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