Commonwood Vineyard

Dornfelder grapes ready to be harvested at Commonwood.
Contact Details:

Alan & Corinne Goddard
Commonwood Vineyard
Weavers Loft
Wem SY4 5SJ
tel. no.: 01939 236193

Opening times: By appointment only.
Group tours can be arranged.


Estate-grown white and red wines
from the following grape varieties:

  • Phoenix (white), Solaris (white),
  • Dornfelder (red), Regent (red)
    and Rondo (red). Other wines available:
    • Wroxeter Roman wines.

    For foods to accompany Commonwood wines or as part of a recipe, e.g. Shropshire Spatchcock, see 'English & Welsh Vine, Wine & Dine.'

    Baked savoury Italian specialities

    Photo Of Corinne Goddard at Wem Harvest Market 2011 supplied by Oliver Richardson
    Photo of Alan Goddard harvesting grapes at Commonwood Vineyard supplied by Oliver Richardson

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