The orthodox view would be not to attempt any of these trees in Shropshire. However there are new varieties that are worth trying in Wem, they are less susceptible to the blossom-destroying frosts, and the micro-climate is everything. Going for fan-trained trees that can be grown up a south-facing wall will improve the odds in your favour. Nectarines are more vulnerable than apricots and peaches.
  • All are available as bushes and fans.
  • Can be planted in large containers that will allow plants to be moved to sheltered areas during winter months.
  • Bare-rooted trees should be planted in November.
  • Sunny sheltered area is essential.
  • Soil should be rich and moist but must not become waterlogged.

    Apricots do not thrive in an acidic soil.

Nectarine blossom, Wem, April 2010.

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