Numerous types: Bullaces, Cherry Plums, Damsons (including the Shropshire Damson), Gages, Mirabelles, Plums; Cooking & Dessert.
  1. Bullaces - used for cooking, has a sharp taste, not sweet; not recommended much nowadays but those who acquire the taste love them.
  2. Cherry Plums - often used as a flowering tree or hedging; small fruit produced in July which can be used for pies or jam.
  3. Damsons - intense spicy sharp taste - despite stories to the contrary - can be eaten uncooked, particularly the Shropshire Damson. Excellent for cooking, jam and wine-making. Easier to grow than a plum.
  4. Mirabelles - small, yellow and moderately sweet.
  5. Plums, Cooking - hardier than the dessert plum.
  6. Plums, Dessert.

Damson blossom,
Wem, April 2010.
Large numbers of damson trees are found growing 'wild' in the hedgerows around Wem. Damsons were a major source of dye before synthetic dyes were developed just after WWII. The damsons would be collected from around Wem and sent via the railways to the dye manufactureres in places such as Manchester.

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