The Prees Canal in 2014

The Prees canal is now only a short stub of both its planned length and the length of waterway actually built.
It leaves the Ellesmere canal at Roving Bridge and goes south under two lifting bridge, including Stark's Bridge (below)
and the arched road bridge at Dobson's Bridge. About half a kilometre beyond that there is a large private marina.
Beyond the marina, the canal is derelict, but is maintained as a wildlife sanctuary for a further kilometre up to Waterloo Bridge.
On the northern side of Waterloo Bridge there is some water in the bed, but beyond that it is largely dry. From the lane to Edstaston,
it is visible as a line of trees about half a kilometre from the west side of the road. There is no trace left of Edstaston wharf.
From Edstaston to Quina Brook there are few obvious signs that a waterway once existed.

Starks Bridge

Canal Boat

Dobsons Bridge

Whixall Marina

Wet bed at Waterloo Bridge

Dry bed

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